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This is a selection of my favourites from Traditional, Digital and Photography.


Daily Fractal Feature for 29th June 2015

On a daily basis we, at DailyFractalFeatures, are aiming to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community. We are proud to feature today's Daily Fractal Feature! 
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Alien brain by DiZa-74

Alien brain by :icondiza-74:

For me this is more like a heart expanding and contracting as blood is pumped around.  But as animations and brains go it's a  pretty amazing piece.  You can see the central cortex working overtime and the lighting used adds to the wet, spongy, brain like quality.

Change is Hard by Swoopswatkill

Change is Hard by :iconswoopswatkill:

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” 
― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man - just a little quote from my favourite writer.  A very dramatic image, angled for maximum movement and impact.  Like an old storage area with decaying boxes, stacked in ordered chaos.

The Roof by :iconjimpan1973:

One can't quite get a handle on the perspective of this piece.  Are we looking down on a concrete jungle of massed rooftops or is this the view from your living room window?  I have been in high rise blocks of flats in England that look out on more high rise blocks of flats which contain such faceless windows.  Do we watch for movement or as dusks comes for a light to switch on - proof of life!  And yet as an abstract concept which the title belies there are similarities to the works of Mondrian.  The architectural qualities are undeniable and the somewhat restless movement compelling!

Toxic chemical core at sunset by dark-beam

Toxic chemical core by :icondark-beam:

An intriguing title for an intriguing piece.  Do we see implosion or explosion here.  White light at the extreme right of the piece is your focal point and everything moves outwards from there.  But is it moving out or being drawn in.  At Dungeness in Kent, England their is a Nuclear Power Station with such a core.  People live in close proximity and the sea water breaks quietly on miles of pebbled beach.  Close by is a nature reserve, the air being more rarified and clean than any other area of England.   

Crazy Blooming Heart by ThatDudeMatt

Crazy Blooming Hearts by :iconthatdudematt:

I asked for permission to showcase this piece.  Occasionally here at DFF our intentions are misconstrued.  Occassionally we are vilified for our efforts.
We like to showcase "newbies" work and I just would like to say. Well done Matt we like it!! :D


For more information, including how to suggest a deviation to be featured, please visit us at DailyFractalFeatures.
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Prepared by :icongrannyogg:

Daily Fractal Feature for 8th June 2015

On a daily basis we, at DailyFractalFeatures, are aiming to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community. We are proud to feature today's Daily Fractal Feature! 
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Please comment and +fav the works featured and congratulate the artists!


CrazyEuler - MB3D - 277 by CrazyEuler

Crazy Euler-Mb3D-277 by :iconcrazyeuler:

What would you call this piece if you were lucky enough to have created it?  Seldom have I seen Amasing Surf shapes more clearly defined or more gloriously coloured.

Ring Construct Sketch by eccoarts

Ring Construct Sketch by :iconeccoarts:

The noisy background shapes in this piece give it an air of destruction and chaos.  Like black mold on a plaster wall its veins spread outward, and in the foreground a menacing machine stalks through the devastation
creating more havoc! Like a charcoal sketch with highlights judiciously added with white chalk.

and nothing remained unseen V2 by ashbundu

and nothing remained unseen by :iconashbundu:

Egyptain god methinks! -  Ramesis III maybe - "As for those who reached my frontier, their seed is not, their heart and their soul are finished forever and ever. As for those who came forward together on the seas, the full flame was in front of them at the Nile mouths, while a stockade of lances surrounded them on the shore, prostrated on the beach, slain, and made into heaps from head to tail" - and nothing shall remain unseen for the eye of Horus is upon you 

Eternity by sbcpetew

Eternity by :iconsbcpetew:

"The metaphysics of eternity studies that which necessarily exists outside or independently of space and time. Another important question is whether "information" or Form is separable from mind and matterAristotleestablished a distinction between actual infinity and a potentially infinite count: a future span of time must be a potential infinity, because another element can always be added to a series that is inexhaustible.[2]

Aristotle argued that the cosmos has no beginning. Euclid invoked this distinction instead of saying that there are an infinity of primes, rather that the primes outnumber those contained in any given collection thereof" - source Wikipedia

Shipwrecked by jjkiefer

Shipwrecked by :iconjjkiefer:

Hoist the main sail, batten down the hatches and brace the hawser! We are about to run aground.  Wonderfully atmospheric piece that causes me timbers to shiver!


For more information, including how to suggest a deviation to be featured, please visit us at DailyFractalFeatures.
Thank you so much for supporting the fractal community and this project!
There is an ongoing donation pool for DailyFractalFeatures & Fractal-Resources to become SuperGroups over on :icondeadened-glow:'s page
Prepared by :icongrannyogg:


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GrannyOgg's Profile Picture
Maureen Brett Ward
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Digital Art is my winter hobby. At the moment I have an enduring passion for Fractal Art
****Meadow Sweet by GrannyOggSacre Verde by GrannyOggCy Generalised Durbi Practice 1 by GrannyOgg***
In the summer I build things. I have just built a chicken run at the back of my garden. I lost two chickens to a big brindle backed male fox. during the winter. My son bought me another one for mother's day. She is a Mille Fleur Bantam and we have named her Vienna. Sun Dance hatched six eggs in late May so I am extending their sleeping and laying boxes.
*****Scruffy by GrannyOgg********************* Fluffy by GrannyOgg****
I have built a large wooden raised strawberry bed out of decking. Summer was late here in England. We had months of rain in the winter and now the ground is dust dry!

************************ FOTM June-Pink winnerDear friends,
FOTM June-Pink finally has a winner:
by our dear friend :icongrannyogg:
More from the artist's gallery:
Flowers for a Ghost by GrannyOggJaponica by GrannyOggBarnsley + Parameters by GrannyOggPansies by GrannyOggGrand Designs by GrannyOggThe Hands of Time by GrannyOgg
Previous winners
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Meadow Sparkle by Shadoweddancerby :iconshadoweddancer:July Orange 2012 by Frankiefby :iconfrankief: Raspberry Sunrise by rockgemby :iconrockgem: :thumb299816801

Favourite art forms
Surrealism and fantasy

Favourite Artists
I like so many - Salvador Dali, Boris Vallejo, Jean Baptiste Monge, David Galchutt, Felix Mas, Karol Bak to name a few

Favourite TV shows - At the moment Game of Thrones

Favourite books
The Land Of Laughs, The 13 Clocks and The Wonderful O, Game of Thrones, His Dark Materials, Lord of The Rings, The Shadow of The Torturer

Favourite writers
Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Ursula Le Guin, J G Ballard, Isaac Asimov, George R R Martin, Stephen Donaldson, J R Tolkein, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Sarah Ash, Jonathan Carroll, Gene Wolfe

Tools of the Trade

UF 5, Adobe Illustrator, Bosch power saw, plastic, wood, wire, bricks and mortar and sometimes even paint brushes

Other Interests
Gardening, Decorating, Building, Reading, Cooking


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